2016 Harley Davidson Fat Bob – Commissioned work



Time for food

imageI’m BACK!


Food Photography for a large Catering company in Canberra Australia.

I’m always looking for more work Canberra, come get your website and social media images at a reasonable price!





Still alive, just very busy! I have been working for a local photography studio, and I have just returned home from a family holiday to the South Coast of Australia!

I’m exhausted, but heres a pic I took at the Mogo Zoo.


Change is in the air!

So I have a massive announcement about my future in Photography!

But I can’t tell you yet!

Here is the HDR Panorama I did of Darling Harbour, Sydney, in 2014 for my HDR assignment for Technology.

4 images wide, 3 images deep.  This image took me an estimated 110 hours to get right.  If I have learned anything about HDR, it is to ALWAYS SHOOT WITH A TRIPOD! and if you are shooting panoramas, ALWAYS SHOOT WITH A TRIPOD!  This was not shot with a tripod 😀  Original image is roughly  8 gigabytes worth of data.